Friday, November 10, 2006

Trouble at the tunnel

I was visiting friends north of the river yesterday and as per usual roadworks were going on in the Blackwall Tunnel. I'm sure I read somewhere that they were meant to be finishing over a year ago, it's been like that ever since I moved south of the river in 2004.

I approach the tunnel on the A13 and there are two lanes, the left hand one for the tunnel and the right hand one that goes straight on. I've always got a decision to make about whether to queue or go on and cross through the Rotherhithe Tunnel. If going straight on at the junction were easy and quick then this would be an easy decision.

However what happens is that selfish idiotic drivers (and that's far more polite than I want to be) that want to use the tunnel drive right up the right hand lane past the long queue for the tunnel and then indicate that they want to cut into the head of the queue. The queue moves slowly, combine that with aggravated drivers who don't understand why the pusher in is so important and special so are reluctant to let them jump the queue. The right hand lane is now blocked, traffic can't go straight on into London. Horns will sound and occasionally the queue jumper will realise the knock on effect they're having and give up, more often than not they just sit there and the traffic builds up behind them.


And it happens every week, without fail.

If that didn't happen then going to the Rotherhithe would be a no-brainer, it should take seconds to clear that stretch of road. As is when you've got to queue 10 minutes just because of self centred idiots then it's a much harder decision to make.

I should take a photo one night. It's amazing the trouble that those idiots can cause.

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