Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hired Rubbish Lorries?

Yesterday was my bin collection day and, as is usual now, all the right waste was taken.

So what do I see rumble down my road today, a rubbish lorry.

It appears to have been collecting "contaminated bins", that is residents who nearly a year into the scheme still can't understand what they're meant to do and put the "wrong" rubbish in the "wrong" bin.

Interestingly though the lorry wasn't a Greenwich Council one, it was hired from a company called Gulliver's.

Now on the one hand this is a good thing, they're proactively emptying the bins before the fill up and overspill onto the street.

However are the Council having to hire in extra vehicles to do this extra collection?

If so how much is it costing?

Is this a long term "solution" or are they also addressing the problem of contaminated bins that the "normal" bin lorries leave behind?


Simon said...

It could be as simple as it's a loan vehicle whilst a "proper" Greenwich lorry is undergoing servicing/repairs...

Charlton Average said...

Possible... However bin lorries came around three times on Monday (black sacks, blue bins and green bins) and then as a bonus on Tuesday.

That's a lot of extra collections...