Thursday, April 26, 2007


I've just had a quick chat with someone from the Recycling team at Greenwich Council.

I had been working under the idea that yoghurt pots couldn't be recycled, I know someone who lived somewhere where they were explicitly told not to put them into their recycling box. Anyway Greenwich can handle them, which is nice to know, I like my yoghurts.

Also I've found out that pretty much anything plastic should also be going in even if it doesn't have the recycling symbol on it.

The rule of thumb seems to be if in doubt clean it out and pop it in.

On the one hand this is great, even less things to throw away. On the downside what with my new neighbours I'm going to have to start taking the recycling with my on my shopping trips when the blue bin's full.

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The Greenwich Phantom said...

Don't bother doing that - if you ahve another chat with your friendly recycling people, they'll send you some special bags for the overspill...