Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Trouble in Charlton...

Many months ago a house near me had it's windows smashed by a group of "lads" throwing bricks and stones at it. Someone told me about it but I only saw the aftermath.

A couple of weeks ago the house was attacked again, a gang of youths as before. The police turned up and there seemed to be a fair bit of activity. I then went away for a couple of weeks. When I get back the house now looks vacant and has metal shutters over it's windows and door.

So what happened?

The property appears to have been targeted twice, it's not just some troublemakers out to smash something up.

On the one hand it made me feel a little unsafe. On the other as I've said it wasn't just general trouble but something very particular.

My eyes are open though.....


Shafisaid said...

CA, is that in Cherry Orchard by any chance and could it be the gangs of 14-17 year old youth often found congregated around the Bus stop and neswagent?

Charlton Average said...

No it's not in Cherry Orchard, it was down the botton of the hill.

I don't think it was a gang of youths that hangs around locally, well it might have been I guess.

What I do mean is that it wasn't just some local yobs causing random trouble that could happen to anyone. This was targetted and I wonder if they came here just to do it.