Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Shooting in Charlton

There's a board up in Charlton Church Lane about a shooting that happened there in the early hours of Saturday the 14th of July. It doesn't sound like anyone was hurt, shots were fired and the shooters fled.

The News Shopper web site is also carrying a story about another shooting at the same place, on a Saturday and at the same time. Click here to see it.

So were there two incidents or one? Have News Shopper got the date wrong? Any ideas?

Anyway I'm not sure how I feel about this. It should be rather frightening but for some reason I don't feel too phased by it. Am I viewing it with the correct sense of proportion or somehow in denial about it?

I also wonder if this is connected with the gang situation that is rumoured to be rife in SE London.

I'm sure that you're all bright enough to realise that if you did see or hear anything, absolutely anything, about this then you should be phoning the police. As for me I really don't recall a thing, I think I was sound asleep at the time as I had an early start the next day.

Thanks go out to John-Paul for sending me an email about the notice a few days ago, it's much appreciated.

Edited to add: I emailed the newspaper and they've confirmed that there was only one shooting on the 14th of July. They've fixed the story to make clear that they're not talking about Saturday just gone but one several weeks ago. Nice to see them move so quickly to clarify things. Hopefully someone out there knows something and can help the police out.


Anonymous said...

It's sad; really sad.

I grew up in Plumstead, but left London 6 years ago to start a family; as I thought south east London was getting to 'rough'.

It seems to have got massively worse in the past few years.

I went to school in Charlton and still have loads of friends there - most of whom have had enough and want to leave.

It's just sad, really, really sad that a mindless few can be causing so much havoc.

What are the local police doing?

sibonetic said...

On the same day, but in the evening (about 10pm) a 20 year old Somalia man was shot dead in Barnfield Road Woolwich, don't know if they are connected.

Anonymous said...

I grew up on Barnfield, lived there from 1966 until 79. I recently heard about the tragic cold-blooded killing on the estate and it made my heart sink. It was always a rough estate, but come on! This is just crazy.

That latest killing just seems to underline the fact that the streets of Plumstead, Woolwich and Charlton are currently out of the control of the local police. These streets are now intimidating places for local people and I am glad I moved away from London when I did.

What next? Seriously; what has to happen before the politicians say enough-is-enough and invest in a police force that's resourced enough to deal with these prats? Another 10 killed? Another 100 or a thousand?

It's not about race and it's not about deprivation - its a simple mix of not enough police and courts that are scared to send people away because of a lack of prison places.

Invest in the coppers, build the prisons and lock the mugs up!