Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Royal Standard, Blackheath

I don't often comment about pubs, that's not because I don't go to them but just because I either drink away from the area or find a pub and stick to it.

Anyway I've been to the Royal Standard in Blackheath a few times now and I'm quite taken with it. It used to seem a bit grotty to me but recently it's undergone a bit of an overhaul and some nice seats, tables and a new menu has come in.

Between my friends and I we've had a few of the meals and in particular we can recommend the Sausages & Mash (which comes in a big Yorkshire pudding) and the Thai Curry (though the prawn cracker is comes with is a touch on the bizarre side). Basically it all seems to be good solid pub fare.

There's a few ales & bitter, including Speckled Hen and Spitfire, on tap too which considering I'm not a big lager fan is a good thing to find.

Looking back I think I've visited it at a variety of times and never found it too crowded.

So a thumbs up from me anyway, and that about sums up the Royal Standard.

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