Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No more bin problems!

The bin problem along Floyd Road appears to have been solved at a stroke! Despite over a year of the Council assuring us that there were only a few teething problems and that giving people even more bins to choose from would solve them decisive action now appears to have been taken.

The bins have gone from one side of the street.

All of them.

Apparently people have had plastic sacks popped through their door.

So do we have a bin thief on the prowl? Some Robin Hood type figure perhaps who believes that a stash of plastic sacks is fair recompense for your wheely bins?

Or could the Council be up to something?

A page on the Council’s web site does say that you won’t get wheely bins where the property has insufficient space for storing the container off the public highway.

Many of the houses along the street don’t have anywhere off of the highway, or if they do it’s accessible via a steep set of steps down to the basement level and that’s clearly unacceptable and dangerous for many people.

And in a fantastic display of financial prudence and joined up thinking the Council have been dishing out extra bins for a while now. New black bins made their appearance along the street a few weeks ago.

So who’s taken my bins away?

If it was the Council then why weren’t we informed either before the event, which would have been nice, or after, which you would think would the bare minimum for any decent organisation.

However you’ve got to admit that it’s a brave solution to the problem, though I dread the state of the street in a few days time…

I should add that I actually haven’t yet seen the results of the great bin dissapearing act but have been informed of it by a friend.

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