Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This is the Council call "teething problems"

I had a leaflet drop through my door the other day with the rubbish collection dates for Easter. It also had a foreword by Councillor Rajwant Sidhu in which he admitted that there have been "teething problems" with the new rubbish collection scheme.

This isn't the first time I've seen him say that.

So let me show you some photos of my street and we'll see what the Council call "teething problems" (remember when you see black bags that they're not meant to be out until next week so they'll be sat there for 7 days)...

Black bags put out yesterday, after a day they've already been torn apart by animals.
Bins full of the wrong sort of rubbish that haven't been emptied, fly tipped furniture and more black bags.
It's that man again! As said the other day the nice chap at the top of the road has reacted to the Council finally clearing up the rubbish he dumped in the street and his overspilling bins by dumping even more stuff outside. He did this on, or before, Saturday. His casual and adept ignorance of even the right day of the week yet alone the right week has got to be admired.
The bin outside the fish and chip shop along Floyd Road.
Charlton Church Lane, nicely savaged black bags.

On Friday tens of thousands of football fans will descend on this area for a Charlton game, they'll have to push past all those black bags. Yes Cleansweep have been told about this. Any bets as to if it will be sorted out?


Nat@London Calling said...

I'm absolutely horrified by the state of the streets around you (if only the council felt the same).

Perhaps this ought to be brought to the attention of the people who put leaflets through my door yesterday (and probably yours) in advance of the Mayoral elections?!

sibonetic said...

Oh my God,
Its worse there than here! How long do you think this is going to go on, before the council realise their mistake?
If they are going to carry on with the current system they will have to actually do some enforcement, by going through the rubbish, identify who's it is and start fining people.

Anonymous said...

Hey C.A,

The council were ALMOST right when they said the disgusting mess was 'teething' problems.

Teething is painful, goes on for ages and only stops when people GROW UP!

Just a thought.