Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Early, early bin bags & a Chocolate Teapot nomination!

Well the bin collection was yesterday and somewhat surprisingly the bin men did indeed take all of the sacks of refuse along the street. However they left behind a lot of waste that had spilled from the bags that had been ripped open, the street looks lovely.

Someone has also claimed the prize for the earliest bin bag out on the street and had dumped a bag outside there house before the early hours of this morning. So that’s going to be there for a whole week given that next Monday’s collection will be pushed back to Tuesday due to Easter.

I can only imagine how things will look in another seven days time.

And still the Council will do nothing and after nearly two weeks the call centre hasn’t even bothered to get back to me.

The call centre has certainly earned itself a Chocolate Teapot 2009 nomination….


Barbara said...

Hubby had a conversation with the bin men this morning, the black bins will be emptied last so that the other bins can be red flagged with a label & emptied with them, does that mean the council has given up completely & we can now put whatever we fancy into whatever bin we like?

J J said...


That sounds about right!

J J said...

Got it in one.

With their organising abilities it's a good job that Greenwich council don't own a brewery!!!