Saturday, April 04, 2009

This is an improvement on bins in the street?

These photos were taken on Saturday, people been dumping sacks of rubbish in the street from Wednesday onwards and this is how it looks now. We had our usual collections on Monday and an extra one on Tuesday that took away the sacks that Monday's didn't.

Yes this is the fault of the residents but I can understand even the most determined recycler becoming disheartened and sick of the Council after a year of seeing them fail to deal with people who ignored the new system and then having their bins taken away with any notice.

A letter is being sent to my three local Councillors, Jim Wintour (head of neighbourhood services and apparent Olympic Equine specialist) and Council Leader Chris Robers, if you don't like how they are happy for our streets to look then please please please contact them yourself. You wouldn't know it from the lack of consideration, contempt, and arrogance that they show but they are meant to be working for and to be accountable to us.

Councillor Gary Parker
Councillor Janet Gillman
Councillor Allan MacCarthy
Jim Wintour
Council Leader Chris Roberts


essgee said...

Very nice. I expect the rats will be moving in any day now.

Simon Emmett said...

Only Greenwich could spectacularly screw this up. They give out blck topped bins to get rid of the ripped bag problem, only to completely remove wheelie bins from another, tripling the problem.

They really have not got a clue, or worse, they don't care.