Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Charlton Take Away, Indian and Bangladeshi

It's the Mobo awards down at the O2 and there's football on the tele, so I did neither and stayed at home with a curry and a rather nice pint of beer.

Years ago when I moved here a friend, who used to live close by, told me about a take away that was meant to be very good. It was the Charlton Take Away in Wellington Gardens that she was talking about. I took a look at it and decided, for some reason, that it looked a bit dodgy and never went there.

A couple of weeks ago they popped a new menu through my door, so I thought I really should give them a go. Tonight was the night.

I popped around there and ordered a Chicken Jalfrezzi with a garlic naan and pilau rice.

The Jalfrezzi was nice, better than average I'd say. However it was in a really thick sauce, which struck me as being a bit odd somehow. Tasty, but not tasty. Just thick.

The rice was unfortunately rather bland, it looked like it had been bleached with the colours in it faded.

The naan was good though.

I'm probably making it all sound worse than it was, it was good. It wasn't badly priced either, all that I had came to £9.

In the end I didn't think that it was as nice as The Coriander though. However the Coriander is a touch more expensive and I can walk to the Charlton Take Away to collect my order myself, swings and round-a-bouts.

I'm also left wondering if the foil tins, as used by the Charlton Take Away, are any more environmentally friendly than the plastic pots used by the Coriander. Does anyone know?

A final conclusion? A wavering thumb that's hedging towards pointing up enough for me to want to try them again some time.

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