Friday, September 14, 2007

More people provided to the O2

As reported and well commented upon by The Last Bus Home the Council are offering 1000 free tickets for Greenwich Card holders to go and watch the Turbo Tennis at the O2 tomorrow.

So basically the show didn't sell out, by a lot. The maximum capacity of the arena is 20000, there'll be less than that because the centre area will be used by the tennis.

So what are the O2 to do? It sounds like there might even be TV cameras there. The O2 can't look empty! That would be disastrous. So they get the Council to provide 1000 extra people to help fill the holes, oh and to spend some money at the food & drink stands too. It'll also be fairly discrete too, it's all done via email rather than some bigger and more public offer in the media's eye.

This isn't the first time that the Council has happily served up locals to help the O2 out, oh no, it seems that the 500 half King Tut tickets had the same motivation. Read about that here.

Thinking of those tickets doesn't the 1000 free ones for the tennis make 500 half price ones (for those who jumped through some really high hoops) seem really pathetic.


I guess in the end getting free tickets is indeed a good thing, if I were free tomorrow I might have gone. However there's an unpleasant and growing taste in my mouth that rather than us benefiting from hard bargaining by the Council and a grateful O2 for their support we're being served up to the O2 as and when they need us, and entirely on their own terms.

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