Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Greenwich Council spend £3.2 million on publicity...

Once again Greenwich Watch has done itself proud.

Over a week ago they published a story about how Greenwich Council have increased their publicity spending by 300% in ten years.

The NewsShoper website have only now published their take on the story, you can read it here.

For Nigel, who questioned my description of Greenwich Watch as being excellent, here's another example of why I believe Greenwich Watch are doing a great job. Far from spreading "malicious, petty and outrageously partisan gossip" they got there first with the story and they got it right.

One thing that NewsShopper have revealed is the scale of the spending in Greenwich. Sure £3.2 million (yes million) sounds like an awful lot of money but it sounds even more when you read that Bexley, Bromley and Croydon combined only managed to spend around £2.5 million.

Remember that after spending £3.2 million (I'll say it again because it's such a huge number) on publicity Greenwich is the Council that is clawing back a few tens of thousands from schools that have underspent their budget.

This is basically another reason why I don't like the political situation in Greenwich. The Council will get away with this with a Spokesman also trying to claim to NewsShopper that they don't spend any more on publicity. Well maybe not compared to last year but when you're looking at a 300% increase in 10 years from the same ruling body that's stretching the truth at best and a lie at worst.

Sure an opposition Councillor is quoted as attacking the council about it but mumbling about it isn't enough. They should be out there going door to door telling the voters of Greenwich where our money is going. They should be printing leaflets and popping them into people's doors. Being in opposition isn't just about campaigning in those areas where you might win just before an election but actively challenging the ruling body all of the time.

It does actually pain me that as a life long Labour supported I'm wishing that the opposition parties were working harder to bring this Labour lead Council to account. Unfortunately Greenwich Council is rubbish and I've got to set aside my own political loyalties and be honest about it.

Finally I wonder if NewsShopper would have even carried the story had not Greenwich Watch got there first?

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