Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Return to National Tyres and Autocare Greenwich

Back in may I had the rear tyres on my car replaced by National Tyres in Greenwich, you can read about my experience of that here.

Within the last week or so one of those tyres has kept going down leading to me doing a a few minutes on a foot pump before taking the car anywhere.

Strangely enough someone commented on my post about National Tyres a few weeks ago letting me know that the mystery guarantee meant that they would fix or replace any damaged tyres.

So I gave them a call, was told that that was indeed the case so off I went.

Then the whole Deju-Vu feeling kicked in...

I dropped off the car and was told it would take about 30 to 45 minutes. So I stroll down to Greenwich and nose around the market and some shops, which was all rather nice.

40 minutes after the drop off I call them up, it's just about to be looked at.

50 minutes after drop off I go back to them, the car's sat in the car park outside and hasn't been looked at yet.

I then sit there for another 30 minutes after which I finally get my car back.

The problem was indeed a puncture, a screw apparently. There wasn't any charge and they didn't even ask to look at my receipt.

So that side of things was good, and I feel a bit mean complaining. However given that I've had the same experience twice with completely inaccurate time frames being given out and my presence in the waiting room seemingly the trigger for the work to be done I do feel a bit fed up with them.

Presuming that the repair they did holds and the tyre doesn't let me down I can't, in all honesty, see me going back to them.


Simon said...

It's the same story at all tyre/exhaust places. NEVER leave your car there unless it's for the whole day whilst you're at work! They will always prioritise the vehicles where the owners are sat in the office waiting.

On the subject of fixing punctures - Kwik Fit will also do this for free (so long as it's not in the sidewall of the tyre).

Charlton Average said...

Thanks for the advice Simon, I really don't know very much about cars at all and I think they smell blood in the water when they see me.