Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Recycling Facilities at Sainsburys

When the Greenwich Sainsburys reopened I was disappointed to note that the bins for recycling juice cartons and small electrical items had been removed (read about that here).

I also said that I had contacted Sainsburys but hadn't heard back from them. Well I chased them up again and they did indeed give me some answers, though they weren't very good ones.

Basically the managed that they're looking into replacing some of the bins at the new recycling point with carton and electrical ones. The ideas have been passed to their head office and they are "awaiting some guidance."

The reason they give for the removal of the free standing bins was that people were filling them with things that they weren't meant for and there was a lot of fly tipping around them, which they say is harder with the bins behind the locked gates. I'm not so sure about that, the last time I was there there was still a whole lot of rubbish just left there.

So basically selfish idiots who don't care how their actions impact on other people have once again lead to those of us who do try and care loosing things that we found useful.

I hope that the bins do return, or Sainsburys stop selling juice in cartons that they won't provide recycling points for and shift to plastic containers for which they do.

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