Thursday, April 10, 2008

Quick Rubbish Update

Well Jim Wintour, Director of Neighbourhood Services, was true to his word and the overflowing "contaminated" (bins with the wrong sort of rubbish in them) were cleared up yesterday.

So thank you very much for that and a thank you to Councillor Gary Parker for seemingly giving him, or someone within the Council, a poke over the issue.

So Part 1 of the Charlton Cleansweep Challenge is complete, the rubbish is off of the street.

Now what about Part 2, keeping the rubbish off of the streets? Will the bins once again be filled with the wrong rubbish and left overflowing for weeks. Will the residents leaving black sacks out for weeks at a time be tackled?

Well that's the real challenge.

Remember, as a commentor below pointed out, that our streets are in the state that they are in because of the new rubbish collection scheme that the Council introduced seemingly without thought of what to do when people ignored it. Although certain locals are to blame ultimate fault must lie with the Council both for causing it and for failing to tackle it.

I seem to have attracted the Council's attention so let's see what they can do.

As for me I'm taking a couple of weeks off now, hence the brief update. When I return I'll see how the area is and finally update the Monkey Chart. At the moment both Jim Wintour and Councillor Parker deserve a Monkey upgrade, let's hope the area is kept clean and on my return I can let them have it (ooo, I bet they're honoured).

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