Thursday, April 03, 2008

Who is the Director of Neighbourhood Services?

It sounds like a simple question, who is the Director of Neighbourhood Services in Greenwich and is therefore responsible for my local streets looking like a rubbish dump?

According to Neighbourhood Services' Web Page it's Jim Wintour.

However if you click on the email like it goes to Brenda Howlett.

The Tax Payers' Alliance have published a report that gives the name Richard Thompson and helpfully points out that he was paid over £110,000 in 2006-2007 for the job.

So who is it really? Does Jim Wintour deserve his place on the Charlton Average Monkey Chart? For now he remains, but it's a good question...

And here is the latest update to the chart.

Two of my local Councillor's have now ignored my letter for two weeks.

Neighbourhood Services have sat on it for 9 working days. 4 working days past the date that they claim they will acknowledge letters in, 6 workings days shy of when I they claim I will get a proper written response.

The Updated Charlton Average Monkey Chart!

Individual ContactedResponse TimeMonkey's Uncle

Councillor Janet Gillman
2 Working Days, no long term solution.

Councillor Allan MacCarthy
2 weeks and no ResponseCouldn't give a monkey's!

Councillor Gary Parker
2 weeks and no ResponseCouldn't give a monkey's!
Jim Wintour, Director of Neighbourhood Services

No confirmation within their own 5 day target.

9 working days and no response

Couldn't give a monkey's!

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