Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Filming in Charlton

If you're around you might like to know that there's filming going on up at Charlton House.

A red sports car has been set up to look like it's smashed through a wall and into some tables. There are some Antiques Roadshow banners up and lots of antique looking things scattered around.

Either the Antiques Roadshow is a great deal more exciting than I would believe it to be or it's a part of something else.

Asylum SFX are involved and they appear to have done some impressive things in the past so it's not something amateur.

Beyond that I'm clueless, I'm not the sort to ask questions.

There will be some photos up later...


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what was being filmed in grounds of Old Royal Naval College last week?

Anonymous said...

I also have seen it i work just up the road. There was a van with Arri Media writen on it but thats just a camera rental company i think.

Charlton Average said...

There's been a fair bit of filming at the College. According to the Greenwich Phantom they're filming the Wolf Man there now and I'm sure I read somewhere about some period piece filming there in recent weeks. It's used quite a bit, or so I hear.