Friday, June 20, 2008

Bin blog?

Jim posted a comment to my last posting about the state of my street basically saying that all I seem to be posting about recently is the bins and that it was more interesting when I wasn't.

I can actually see his point, there's a number of local history things I was going to be looking into and posting about and I'd find that far more interesting. However my time right now is really rather pressured, and my street has been looking (and smelling) awful. So what's a blogger to do?

So yes I am going to write about what's happening around here, or more importantly I'll be writing about what the Council are not doing. It's tempting to just turn my back on it and write about more interesting things instead, but I do feel that there has to be some public record of how the Council are treating their residents. So I keep on at them and I keep a record of it here.

And maybe, just maybe, that tactic is actually working.

As I've said I've made contact with some people in Waste Services and things do actually seem to be happening now. People have been spoken to and the owner of the big blue wheely bin located (it's the kebab shop). It seems like there has been some poking around as the shop on the corner has now put up a small notice on their side wall saying that the rubbish is nothing to do with them. There's also been talk about removing some of the bins as well.

I suspect that Councillor Gary Parker might be behind getting Waste Services involved, it's very hard to tell. Someone managed to designate this street as a priority and it was that that triggered their visits.

Perhaps I'll now be able to devote my Charlton Average time to more interesting things, it shouldn't take this amount of effort to get the rubbish collected.

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