Thursday, June 19, 2008

Water Mystery

Somone, Thames Water I believe, is gradually going around the borough replacing the old water mains with new ones.

The works were due to hit my road on Monday, we had a letter about it and big signs went up on the lamposts telling us that the parking bays were being suspended for three weeks.

So Monday comes, I fill some bottles with water as we'd been warned that the supplies might be turned off. My car has been moved around the corner.

And then suddenly nothing much happen. Strange paint markings have appeared in the road but that's about it. The signs about the parking suspension vanish at some point during the day and many people are now parking as per usual.

So what's happening? Is the work going ahead? Is it rescheduled? Can I park my car outside again?

The work has presumably got to happen at some point and I'm fine with it being done, I'd just quite like to know when so I can plan accordingly.

I've tried to phone the Council and they weren't a lot of help. They told me that it's not their highways department, which I knew, and that they didn't know anything about it, which is a surprise.

I'll try and find out what's happening...

Update: I found this page on the Thames Water web site. A phone call turned up that the works have been delayed by a week or so and so the no parking signs were taken down. The man was unable to tell me when the restrictions will come back into force but said that they might do so without much notice.

So I'm keeping my car around the corner and a bottle of water in the fridge.

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troublebrother said...

it seems like only last year - but it might be two now, but Thames water did have a public consultation booth outside Wikes. They had a big map and a project plan describing when each street in Charlton would be visited by the water works. All I can remember is that my road was one of the last to be visited.
What I do find interesting is the number of times they seem to have to re dig up the road after they have finished. An example would be the hole at the bottom of Victoria way.