Friday, June 13, 2008

The Road manages to get worse...

Well the state of the top of the road is getting worse and a very nice smell is developing.

Perhaps inspired by the filth on their doorstep the people up the top of the street have also once again filled their green bins with plastic bags.

Today is the third day since I've reported it to Cleansweep. So according to their own estimates it should be cleaned up. Fingers crossed.

Following on from the visit by some Council people last week I do have a name within waste services who I'm now trying to contact. It's a new angle of attack and she did seem helpful and wanted to know of any further problems.

But can I be excused for feeling very pessimistic about actually seeing any results?


Anonymous said...


Is this blog now exclusively about the bins in Charlton?

A 'bins blog' is going to be of very limited interest to people.

I used to find it a lot more interesting when you covered other topics.


Barbara said...

I shall be raising this topic with as many people as possible at the "Great Get-together" this week-end at the Barracks. If everyone who attends has a go at their local councillor & the council staff maybe we might get it through to them. My part of Plumstead is disgusting - the roads smell & their is trash (& worse) everywhere!

Inspector Sands said...

Hey, Jim - I suggest if you don't like this blog, why don't you try writing one yourself? It's all very easy to snipe from the sidelines, but I can see why this site's become (literally) a rubbish blog, and welcome Charlton Average's efforts to change things. They're more valuable than snippy moans from you.