Tuesday, February 03, 2009

After the snow

So how are things now that the snow has stopped falling.

Well my road hasn't been gritted, but I wasn't thinking that that was really much of an issue. When we had the big snows back in 2003 I lived elsewhere and my road wasn't gritted then so I'm not sure if we should be expecting it now.

However I read a story on the News Shopper web site that made me think about how well Greenwich was prepared and how well it's dealt with things.

Basically our neighbouring boroughs of Bexley and Lewisham claim to have most of their schools open. Greenwich on the other hand has most of it's schools closed.

So why's that then?

Was the snow in Greenwich somehow heavier than on Bexley and Lewisham?

Or could it be that the Council simply wasn't prepared and couldn't organise it's gritters properly so as to enable the schools to open.

Before reading that story I really wasn't that cynical about Greenwich's handling with what's going on. My view was that this sort of event is rare enough as to make more extensive preparations a bit of a waste of money.

However when Council's around us can open their schools and we can't aren't there some questions to be asked? Even if it's the case that Lewisham and Bexley did something special and out of the ordinary as opposed to Greenwich Council being their usual shambles isn't there something to be learned?


J J said...

The dustmen haven't been out for the past two days because of the snow.

I've just rung the information centre to find out what is happening tomorrow.

I wanted to know:-
1) Whether they will be working tomorrow
2) Will they be collecting Mondays rubbish
3) Will they collect Wednesdays rubbish.

The answer.
We don't know if they will be working tomorrow.
We don't know where they will be collecting if they are working.

What is the point of an information centre who don't have any information.

Just another job creation scheme by Greenwich Council?

Anonymous said...

I think you're aiming your guns in the wrong direction here - the decisions to open/close schools are usually taken by headteachers, as far as I understand.

Barbara said...

It looked great at work on Monday, I live the closest & couldn't get in because my son's school was closed. Thanks Greenwich! but then my boss did understand, although he wasn't that impressed when the school was closed today as well.

Charlton Average said...

JJ I'm not surprised that the people who should know what's going on don't. I'm not overly confident that the Council will manage a collection before next Monday, by which time you can surely imagine how bad the street will look. Oh no, hang on, all the problems are solved now we've got black bins...

853, yes the decision to close schools should be taken by the headteacher. However why did heads in Greenwich seem to feel that it wouldn't be safe to ask their children and staff to attend but heads in our neighbouring boroughs didn't?

Anonymous said...

I don't get it, though - the Snooze Shopper story you link to says neighbouring boroughs also closed their schools. Has the story changed since you wrote the post?

Charlton Average said...

Looking into it some more it does seem that Bexley did have most of their schools closed, leaving Lewisham who claimed that just "some" were shut.

I wonder if there's somewhere that's actually pulled all the numbers together.

Did Greenwich actually fair any worse or is it just the language used?