Friday, February 06, 2009

Chocolate Teapot Clipper Campaign?

There's rather an interesting story on the News Shopper web site.

Greenwich Council are calling on the Mayor to get Oyster Cards accepted on the Clipper commuter riverboats, a better level subsidy and an increased timetable..

However Boris Johnson has said that neither he nor TFL have heard anything about this.

Loathe as I am to quote the local Tories, who are in my opinion as much to blame for the shocking state of politics in Greenwich as the Labour party are, Councillor Spencer Drury seems to sum it up when he says "I am curious what sort of campaign fails to contact the person or organisation which it is seeking to influence. The council is complaining because Boris hasn’t done something that it never asked him to do - this campaign is simply deceitful."

Could it be that Greenwich Council are making a noise about doing something when actually they're doing nothing? That's not like them now is it?

Or is there some decent explanation behind this? Are the Council trying to gather support first before contacting Boris?

I'm not totally convinced that there is a genuine problem here and not just some Tory trying to cover up their own "do nothing" attitude by accusing the Council of the same.

However it is very hard indeed to think of a reason why a campaign wouldn't at least touch base with the people who make the relevant decisions to at least see if something is on the cards.

So the Council's Clipper Campaign might be the 2nd nomination for the Chocolate Teapot 2009.

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