Wednesday, February 04, 2009

"We want information" and "improvements"?

Train & Buses
Southeastern's Web site appears to be under a bit of stress right now and seems to be serving up a minimal simple page. They do claim to be running a normal service. The station this morning however saw rather large queues and about a half hour delay on some services into London.

The buses should be running, the TFL web site appears to be made of sterner stuff than Southeastern's, or perhaps it's not getting hit as much, and is giving out all sorts of information. Some routes are being diverted, the 486 is apparently going via Westcombe Hill thus avoiding Charlton Church Lane. A friend waited 30 minutes for it this morning. Charlton Church Lane does seem gritted and pretty clear, but there is a massive queue of traffic on it running from the lights right up past Conran's.

Council Services
Lewisham's Web Site is being quite helpful with some nice links on the front page.

Bromley's Web Site is doing similar things, right at the top a nice green link to an information page.

Bexley's Web Site puts a link to information right at the top of their home page too.

Greenwich's Web Site leads with a story about the Royal Arsenal Co-Operative Society. Maybe they've got some information further down, um, no, not that I can see. Nothing about schools, nothing about roads and nothing about waste collection. Even searching about through the site I can't find any information.

Could the Council be failing to communicate to it's residents? Surely not!

Edited to add: At some point over the morning Greenwich have got a page up with a small amount of information on it, it's here. Basically if your rubbish isn't taken this week then it will be taken next week and they're only aware of one school, Woolwich Polytechnic, being partially closed. Oh and they did manage to deliver Greenwich Time to me today reminding me that all is well and wonderful here in Greenwich!

Floyd Road itself doesn't appear to have been gritted, though for grit to work it does also need a certain level of traffic so maybe it has and it's just not worked properly because of that. It still looks rather nasty, cars are getting up and down though as I walked up it this morning I saw a lorry get stuck on the corner half way up. This road isn't a major one or even a through route so it's got to be a very low priority so I'm not sure if we should expect it to be gritted or not, I think I'll bet on the "not" as there's so many other more high priority roads around.

Edited to add:I'm not the only local blogger to notice that only main roads appear to be being gritted. Still the question stands, should we expect them to be?

I did see a bin lorry in Floyd Road this morning, which in all honesty did really impress me. It was emptying the blue wheely bin at the top of the road, none of the other waste has been collected, so their heroic efforts appear to not be aimed at us residents.

I can understand completely why we've not had collections, but I would like to know what's going to happen.

Anyhow a few more photos....A rather ropey looking Floyd Road, cars are getting up and down it though, I'm not sure that I want to try.

The blue bin that a rubbish lorry has been able to empty, and behind it a green bin overspilling with plastic bags. So was Councillor Gary Parker right when he said that the new black bins would improve the situation? Or did I have it closer when I suggested that "we'll continue to see black sacks on the street" and "over spilling wrongly filled bins"?

Further signs of improvements.

How many bins? Well I presume it's better than actually talking to people to try and sort things out.


So are all the black bins for Floyd road delivered? Do all the houses that need them have them? Well the answer to the latter question is obviously no.

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