Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Antigallican

The Antigallican's finally reopened for days other than match days. It's been being refurbished for a few months now and has a sporadically open over the last few weeks. In all honesty it might have been opened for a little while and I've only just noticed it. However on Saturday there was a sign outside saying that it was open 12 to 12, I had some friends coming around that evening so I gave it a go.

So what did I think?

Well it's actually rather nice, the colour scheme reminded me of my living room so it all felt quite homey. There's a fair number of sofa's scattered around and they had nightlights lit all around. The owner's have been to Ikea more than once though, some of the furnishings look very familiar.

There was a downside though, it was dead quiet, I think there was only another two or three people in there. They were also playing some music channel that was up way too loud, it went even louder during the frequent ad breaks. Not pleasant.

After Saturday the chance came up again to revisit it with someone else. I went back when they were showing a football match and it was actually reasonably busy which was nice to see. He quite liked it too, I'm sure we'll return soon.

The big question I've got though is will it survive? They've gone for a quite an "up market" feel (or maybe it's just me that's very low market). It's in a bit of an odd place stuck between Charlton Village itself and the wilderness of the Yuppie Village. I guess in the end though they just need to pull in enough punters in the lull between match days when they're as full as a little egg. Fingers crossed.

Oh and get some nice guest ales on tap if you'd be so kind.

That and turn the music down.

Good luck though!

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