Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Greenwich reuse and recycling centre

I've been doing a bit of DIY on my flat and decided to go down to the dump to throw away some of the bulky rubbish that I've produced. However it's not the dump anymore or the waste disposal site or the enigmatically named civic amenity site. Oh no. It's not the Reuse and recycling centre (I think that deserved to be in bold).

It's not just been spun a new name but there's been major changes. It's much easier to get into and out of plus they're set up loads of different skips into which you can recycle all sorts of things. Great stuff! I was expecting to have to throw my waste timber into the rubbish skip but they've now got a proper place for that to go into it rather than just landfill.

So anyway a big pat on the back to Greenwich Council, I'm really impressed with it.

A slight downside is that their web site is slightly out of date. The page for the centre doesn't mention that it can recycle wood, I've just noticed that it doesn't say it can do paint either, which is something else that I noticed that it does. Basically it's dead good and they seemed able to handle just about anything you'd want them to.

The page does say that you need a "Waste Permit sticker", well I haven't got one and I wasn't stopped. That said I did have a residents parking permit on display so maybe that was enough. I'll have to look into that.

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