Saturday, October 21, 2006

Match day in Charlton

It's match day in Charlton all the trains will stop,
It's match day in Charlton the cash machines will flop,
It's match day it's match day in Charlton!
Hip hip hip hip hip hooray!

Thousands of people are flooding into the area and South Eastern Railways have stopped the trains between Deptford and Charlton. Well that's what their web site seems to claim...

"Deptford to Charlton. Bues will replace trains between New Cross and Charlton connecting with train services at Lewisham" (note the spelling error, we're dealing with muppets on a grand scale here).

The line between Deptford and here doesn't go through New Cross or Lewisham, that line breaks off outside of Deptford. In theory the buses should go from Charlton, through Westcombe Park, Maze Hill, Greenwich and then Deptford. So what's going on? Beats me. Probably beats those fans trying to get here for the game too. We're playing Watford so people are going to want to come in from the north and through town. They'll probably have to drive now. Thanks a lot South Eastern Railways, ingenious.

You might think that the allegedly environmentally minded Greenwich Council might have something to say about things like that. However they seem to be too busy threatening to take legal action against a blogging site for having a logo that looks vaguely like theirs.

On the subject of the train company and their engineering policy with it's seemingly random shut downs they're also the idiots who shut down the trains when Elton John played here. Thanks for that. First gig at Charlton Stadium for years, could have been the start of something special. Not when SE Railways managed to botch the day up.

I guess someone at that company doesn't like Charlton Athletic, or Elton John.

It's not just the trains though. There's two cash machines near the stadium that I know of. One at the grounds and another down at the BP garage on Woolwich Road. Both are out of order. Top. All those people flooding in and wanting to put money into the local economy, even if it's just the beer and kebab economy, are scuppered.

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