Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Filming in Charlton

I popped down to Currys over my lunchtime to look for some networking gadgets and discovered that there's a film unit parked up in the carpark of Currys/PC World. There's about half a dozen white dressing room vans, a catering lorry and two buses that have been labeled "crew dining only."

There were some names on the doors of the changing rooms, I remember seeing Shaz, Rhona and Father Henry. I'm guessing that they are the names of the characters and not the actors. The catering truck seemed to be cooking stuff up so maybe they were getting ready for a break, other than a few people there wasn't anyone around.

The names don't mean anything to me, I was wondering if it's for "28 Weeks Later" (which I know is filming in London at the moment, I've got a friend who was an extra in it) but the names don't appear to be linked to it.

I did have a quick scoot off to the back of Currys to see if I could see any filming going on, not a thing.

I'll have to return with my glasses and camera at some point soon....

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