Saturday, July 28, 2007

Charlton on the big screen...

...well almost.

There's a new movie coming out called Flood which is based on the book of the same name, click here to see the book or here to see the movie's web site. The movie web site has a trailer on it.

Basically the book's about a big flood hitting London. It's quite a funny disaster story, one of those things where the situation keeps getting worse and worse. A new scene will be described and you just know that what you're reading about will shortly blow up/sink/collide with something/go horribly wrong in some way and make the whole situation even worse than it was.

I really enjoyed the book because it seems pretty well researched and it was mainly about London, it had lots of interesting little facts about the town that I'd never heard before.

The movie seems to have changed things around. It seems to focus on a handful of main characters who have the chance to save the day, where as the book has many people in it each giving a different view point and many of whom do little things to help. A big plot point of the book is also that the oil refineries in the Thames Estuary explode and the flood carries the burning petrol and oil up the river into London. That doesn't seem to be happening in the trailer at all so maybe it's just been dropped as too expensive to film and just one disaster too many.

Anyway many parts of the book happen along the river around here and the Thames barrier seems to play an even bigger part in the film than the book so there's bound to be many shots of the river side area of Charlton. I think it's worth a look anyway.

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