Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Tour, The Photos

My photos from the Tour de France on Sunday....

Come to Charlton we've got Lions...

The Haribo Lorry that provided me with my sugar rush for the day.

I wonder if it was like this after the Battle of Hastings (yes I know the Normans weren't really French).

The clowns had high pressure water squirters, some people got squirted, I'm glad I didn't.

My new recycling logo? It's passing a pub which is pretty much called the "Anti French". Apparently they're used to be many Antigallican pubs in London opened up after the Napoleonic wars, the one in Charlton seems to be the last one still open. There used to be a closed one near London Bridge station, I'm guessing it's probably been demolished by now.

Riders to the right of me!

Riders to the left!

Here I am stuck in the middle of the road, oh and the main pack on my right.

The convoy of support vehicles.

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