Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Controlled Parking Zone Changes

Well the council have now deemed it fit to write letters to the residents of the area that will be affected by the changes to the parking zones.

It would have been nice if they'd written to us when the changes were first proposed rather than just tacking up a notice on a lamppost. It's as if the Council don't want the residents involved in their decision making process....

Anyway it's happening now, so what is it?

Well the existing Charlton and Westcombe parking zone is going to be split in two along the line of the A102 Blackwall Tunnel Southern Approach. Existing permits will be valid in both zones until they expire. They don't seem to say when the split will be made.

There's again reference to a number of free parking roads being made into permit parking ones but no mention of which ones and when. For that I guess you have to look back to that notice on that lamppost.

Still some communication's better than no communication.

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