Friday, July 27, 2007

Prezzo Restaurant at the Millennium Retail Park

The McDonald's next to the Odeon on the retail park closed down a few months ago and has been replaced by the rather nice looking Prezzo Restaurant. I nearly went in there a couple of weeks ago but Nando's won me over, the other night I was in the mood for Italian so I gave it a crack.

So how did it go?

Well OK, only OK.

The starters were good. I had the Crostini al Tonno (Tuna Mayo on toast) and Ms. Charlton Above Average had the Grilled Goat's Cheese. Both were pretty good, I certainly enjoyed what I had.

For mains I had the Penne con Salmone and she went for the the Il Carltoni Calzone, a baked folded pizza.

My dish was OK. It had a nice taste but I was expecting their to be bigish chunks of salmon rather than the somewhat flaked tuna that I got. Still as I said a nice taste though.

As for the Calzone well she wasn't impressed. It was a bit too baked and the outside was burned in places, still that's not a huge problem. However the pepperoni it came with was really rather odd and we both found it unpleasant. It was removed and left on one side. Not something we'd have again.

The presentation of the dishes was good and the restaurant looks nice inside too. The service was very good but it was very quiet in there. There were only a few other groups in there, it was way under capacity. Now some of that is because it was a weekday night but I do wonder how badly the new Vue cinema has affected the audiences going to the Odeon, and it'll be those audiences who want to eat at one of the restaurants next to it.

Would I go again? Possibly but I must admit I felt a bit let down. Not so badly that I wouldn't give them another try but the Nando's option will be a hard one to beat.

As for prices well you can see the complete menu here, I didn't think it was too bad at all

Prezzo have a web site here if you're interested in seeing it, the main point of interest is the menu which I've linked to above.

One extra thing I did notice while there was that Pizza Hut seem to have tarted themselves up a touch. The somewhat garish and tired old look has been replaced with a toned down set of more neutral tones, or so it appeared through the window. Somewhat similar to Prezzo itself.....

Anyway as I said it was OK, better than Pizza Hut but not as good as I was hoping. Fingers crossed a second visit will be more rewarding. It's certainly nice to have somewhere new to try

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