Friday, November 30, 2007

Sainsburys Revisited

I went back to Sainsburys the other day and was disappointed to discover that not only has the recycling bin for cartons failed to return but the one that they had put back for electrical items has also disappeared.

Following my first visit to the re-opened store I did email Sainsburys asking if the carton bin was going to be coming back. I was told that I would get a response from the store manager, I never did.

It does make you feel that despite superficial efforts to appear to be green Sainsburys really doesn't care very much for the idea. It certainly doesn't take complaints about the matter seriously.

I've now got the very awkward choice of either throwing my electrical items (which admittedly are few) and juice cartons (which are many) in the bin or going to ASDA to do it. And If I'm going to ASDA why not shop there? Now much as I really dislike the local ASDA store the idea of throwing all the cartons away when I know that I can recycle them seems like the greater of the ills.

So I might be becoming a reluctant ASDA customer...

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