Tuesday, May 01, 2007

National Tyres and Autocare Greenwich

I had to replace the rear tyres on my car the other day. Although it had a service coming up I had to go on a long drive and I'd been told a while ago that they were nearing the end of their life. Therefore I thought it best to take no chances and get the job done.

A quick internet search threw up National Tyres and Autocare (http://www.national.co.uk/) at 157 Greenwich High Road. Not knowing much about cars the idea that they were a national chain seemed like a safe bet so off I went.

The service wasn't that great at all. The guy behind the counter was nice enough but they just seemed rushed off of their feet. I was told that it would take about 40 minutes to do so I said I'd take myself off for a stroll, to the Markets I went. When I got back the job hadn't been done, I don't think it had even been started. I sat there for about another half an hour while they did it.

If they'd have said "we're dead busy, it'll take an hour and a quarter" I'd have been quite content, more time to stroll around Greenwich which I always enjoy. Being told it would take a certain time and arriving back to find it hadn't been begun was a bit of a blow. Was it just me being there that made them pull there finger out and get it done? If I'd have sat there all the while would I have been done quicker?

Some woman came in who had it far worse than I. She'd been in a few weeks ago and some technical sounding part for her car had to be ordered. She said she had had a phonecall to tell her that it was in so she drove in to have it fitted. The guy said that it wasn't in stock and simply said he couldn't explain why it wasn't there. Eventually he offered two suggestions. One was that they only hold non stock items (such as this part) for a certain amount of time before it's sent back to the stores. Also the guy who phoned her no longer worked for the company, allegedly.

The price for me for two new tyres was £73 which I thought was pretty reasonable. Looking at the receipt it includes £10 for the "National Tyre Guarantee" with no explanation of what that is. Yes I should have asked at the time, I know..... I might give them a call and ask what it's all about.

So would I go back?

Well they weren't bad but I'd try for a weekday when they're not so snowed under with work.


Anonymous said...

yes , Ive just had the same experience with the "guarantee" cant find any mention of it on their website or what it covers. It certainly wasnt explained to me at the time. just an extra £10 slipped onto the invoice. Ive had a bad experience with National tyres in the past when they tried to rip me off with an exhaust quote, then fitted it really badly. I thought I coudlnt go too far wrong with just a couple of tyres but once again I'm left feeling a little ripped off !

Jamie Wakefield said...

I had two of my tyres slashed by some kind soul and so rang up National Tyres to ask about their guarentee. I was told that they would fix or replace the tyres if I brought them along with my receipt. Which was all fine and dandy, except...

...they had no pick-up service which meant that I had no means of getting my tyres to National Tyres!