Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cleansweep's 48 Hour Response

Some nice chap along Floyd Road has seemingly been buying some new furniture for his flat. The waste from him doing so has been dumped outside on the street. There's a big pile of huge sheets of cardboard, plastic wrapping, boxes, a small mattress/futon/"bed thing" and other assorted bedding.

Now it's quite possible that he can't get it to the dump himself, after all he's got a very nice silver Mercedes and he probably doesn't want to get it dirty. So instead it's the street that he dirties.

At least once this week the pile has been kicked over by passers by and he's had to tidy it up. Last night it was kicked over again, it's now blocking the pavement and spilling over into the road.

CleanSweep were told about this and I was given a 48 hour response time, that was on Wednesday. There's a Charlton match today and in a few hours tens of thousands of people will pour down the street and over the rubbish. That can't be good.

Phoning the Council all I can be told is that the call has been marked as "work in progress."

So to fulfil the 48 hour response all Cleansweep have to do is to go onto the task list and mark a task as in progress?

The Council will show due diligence and begin to remove cars from the street in a few hours, for which they will get at least £50 a car.

Hopefully the Council will show due diligence and begin to clear the pavement, for which they will get thanks from residents and fans.

Update: Quite literally as I type this a lorry has turned up and the rubbish is being cleared up. Great stuff! It doesn't take much for the Council to impress me, they've managed to do it.

Now will the Council just react to this problem or will they have a word with the resident responsible and try to stop it happening again?


J J said...

My money is on 'just react'

Nat@London Calling said...

Regarding the Council and their communications with persistent rubbish offenders I have seen more progress with my neighbours. The same bins which had the 'do not disturb' type dangling notice to 'Dear Resident' have been targeted again by the Council. This time they have had signs screwed onto their lids! These point out whether then bin is for recycling or for food waste.

If those were my bins I'd be annoyed because there would likely be leaks when it rains through the screw holes... but if those were my bins there wouldn't be notices as I know which bins to put my rubbish in!

Charlton Average said...

I've not seen signs screwed on to bins yet, I'll have a look out for them.

The residents at the top of the street were given a new smaller green bin a couple of weeks ago. It's been stuffed full of black sacks and left away from the front of their house for a couple of weeks no with no signs of any action from the Council, no tags, no screwed on plate, nothing...