Monday, August 18, 2008

"A-level success"?

Well the A-Level results are out and Greenwich Council are making a bit of a song and dance about them.

"A-level results day was one of celebration in Greenwich. With an overall pass rate of 96.4%, a number of pupils achieved excellent results and will attend top universities" says a news update email that they sent out.

A page on the Council's web site boasts of "many success stories".

Let's step behind the spin and have a peak at what's really going on.

Pupils educated by Greenwich achieved an A-Level pass rate of 96.4%.

That's below the national average of 97.2%.

It's worse than last years pass rate of 97.8%.

It's worse than Lewisham's pass rate of 98.3%.

Once again Greenwich Council has gone into "head in the sand mode" in the face of a potential crisis.

Greenwich Council, failing our streets, failing our children.


J J said...

Good job they're not in charge of a brewery!!

talking rubbish! said...

To be fair what do you expect them to say:

"To all you kids who thought you did really well passing your A levels and going on to university you need to know you have no life no prospects and your results suck!"

Charlton Average said...

I'm not quite sure exactly what I expect them to say, perhaps some sort of comment about how they're looking into the decline and will be doing something about it.

Seemingly ignoring our poor performance compared to our previous results, to the national average and to our neighbour just doesn't seem right.

However "head in sand mode" seems very much the default for Greenwich Council when something goes wrong. It's not as if the opposition or local media will take them to task for it.

Still at least they didn't try to blame it on the European bin shortage, which makes a change.

Here we go again said...

Why would they do that?

I mean there's only one person who cant talk about anything else but rubbish - and looking at this blog its plain to see they dont work for the council....