Monday, August 04, 2008

A quick update...

A very quick follow on to my last post...

After last weeks cleanup a green bin at the top of Floyd Road is once again over spilling with plastic bags and recyclable waste.

What was I saying about the Council seemingly being unable to be proactive about the causes and simply reacting to problems?

I closed the last post with:

I think I'm right to be pessimistic over this being any change in the tide, I think I've got the historic evidence and an explanation of how the system works that back me up.

But come on, someone out there prove me wrong.

It looks like I've been proved right, again. That's such a shame.

On a lighter note did anyone see the air race this weekend?


Simon said...

2 things:

1. I went to the practice/qualifying for the Air Race on saturday thanks to the free residents tickets - thanks for the heads-up on that :o)

2. "Contaminated" bins - Here in New Eltham, the "contaminated" (wrong sort of rubbish) bins were left un-emptied on Wednesday, BUT they had a nice little tag attached to them (think hotel "do not disturb" sign) saying why they hadn't been emptied. It MAY have an effect...we'll see.

No doubt they're available in numerous different languages! ;-p

Inspector Sands said...

Those "dear resident" tags litter the streets in Charlton - we're down to the illiterate/ignorate hardcore, basically. (It's also possible there's people who genuinely still don't know, I know of neighbours of mine who haven't been made aware of the scheme - serious!)

Anonymous said...

You are NOT gonna like this CA!

The problem is NOT with the local council.

The problem is NOT with the bin men (or the bin women of course.)

The problem is NOT even with a 'small minority of selfish people.'

The problem IS...

You live in South East London, where there are thousands of residents, who could not give a crap about the area.

They ARE a minority - but a HUGE minority.

Unless the local council picks all the rubbish up every single week, the problem will keep getting worse. Why? Because the people who are dumping the rubbish honestly don't care!

Also, more of them are moving in and more decent people, like you and your readers, are moving out!

These inconsiderate people ALREADY KNOW they 'should' process their rubbish correctly - but they honestly don't care.

It's like the warnings on cigarette packets. Smokers ALREADY KNOW that smoking is bad for their health - but they still decide to smoke.

Sorry mate, but you are wasting your time if you think you can change those ignorant bastards!

I left London almost a decade ago - to live in a small village 'up north'. When they introduced the new bins here, everyone just used them properly. In fact, when people see litter in the road here, we pick it up and bin it.

You are a nice bloke CA - Go and live with other nice people!

I love London and it hurts to read about how decent people like you AND your brilliant readers are having to live.

Inspector Sands said...

Running away is for cowards.

Especially ones who call themselves "anonymous".

Anonymous said...

I didn't 'run' anywhere.

I left London after 35 years to improve my quality of life. It was the best thing I ever did and had improved every area of my life beyond belief.

And I'm guessing your 'real' name isn't Inspector Sands' any more than my name isn't 'Anonymous.'

Kevin Lacey

Inspector Sands said...

Thank you, Kevin. If we all left London, that wouldn't solve much, would it?

Still, I'm sure you're alright in your rural idyll.