Sunday, November 11, 2007

Charlton vs. Cardiff City

Did anyone else notice how noisy and rowdy the fans seemed after yesterday's football match? Normally the crowds coming and going are really good and if I'm elsewhere in my flat it's easy for them to slip in and out of the stadium without attracting my attention at all.

Yesterday was a bit different. There was a fair bit of noise and singing going on, there seemed to be police shouting at the crowd getting them to stop pushing and stay back and the crowd were singing back slightly offensive ditties about the de Menezes case.

I can't help but wonder if these were the Cardiff City fans, that would explain the difference in behaviour. They also had just seem their team get a 3-0 drubbing so perhaps they weren't in the best of moods.

However even though the crowd seemed rowdy by usual standards they weren't really a problem. I don't think anything's been broken and it didn't seem to be anything more serious than a bit of shouting and pushing.

It says a lot about how well behaved the fans that come here are that yesterday was the worse I've ever witnessed them behave and it really wasn't that bad at all.

Sure I have to move my car when the games are on but living so close is an interesting experience.

The idiots who were at the "party" in the club thing on Charlton Church Road and were still shouting at top volume to each other in drunken voices at 12.30am were far more of an annoyance.


Anonymous said...


Just a thought but why don't you move?

You have neighbours downstairs that stop you sleeping at weekends, and could not care less. You have houses locally that often have noisy parties and keep you awake - you have problems parking your car because of the football and you sound extremely stressed.

Just a thought but from here, it looks like you live in the wrong place.

The streets of south east London are only getting busier and louder with each passing week.

If you are waiting for things to 'just get better,' - guess what? They don't!

Things don't get better by themselves - you have to make things better for yourself.

You are not a tree - So move!

Charlton Average said...

The only real issue are the neighbours.

The club's fine, when there is something on they're usually quite strict about what time they finish.

The parking's not a big issue. Yes I do think more could be done to make it easier for residents but you just have to watch the fixture list.

The football fans are usually incredibly good. Even Saturday's lot, which I said were rowdy, didn't actually cause any trouble. There are dozens of bins out everywhere and I don't think even one was knocked over.

The downstairs neighbours are the only real issue and there's some progress going on there so it is a wait and see thing. However I do admit that they are the only thing out of the local issues that could make me move. They have stressed me out, which is really a rather hard thing to do.

Yes things won't get better by themselves. We can make a slight difference though, even with little things like getting the council to take away things dumped in the street. If everyone could be encouraged to do a few little things we'd see big changes, it's got to start with someone.

Anonymous said...

Hi again,

I appreciate what you are saying and I hope the prats downstairs start playing the game.

Your point about how 'If everyone could be encouraged to do a few little things, we would see big changes', is correct. The problem is that this is not how the world works in reality. Everyone is not going to do 'a little bit' - it will be left to decent folk like yourself - like it always has been and always will be.

Good luck with the neighbours mate.