Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Pointer Sisters (not) at the O2

I've commented before how AEG appear to use Greenwich Council to provide bums on seats for concerts or events that apparently haven't sold out.

Well once again on Tuesday someone at the O2 must have counted up how many tickets were sold for the Pointer Sisters gig in the IndigO2 and panicked somewhat. As if by magic a rapid response unit at the Council sent out an email offering free tickets to Greenwich Card holders.

It's nice to see they can be rapid about some things, unlike they are with us mere Council Tax payers complaining about burglar alarms.

Anyway today I find another email waiting for me, last nights gig was cancelled, at "very short notice."

They then go on to say "GreenwichCard negotiates and passes on offers from organisations such as AEG in good faith - so obviously we cannot take responsibility for late cancellations etc. Please be assured we are concerned about this and will be checking with AEG at The O2 to find out what happened."

So I wonder if it was actually cancelled a bit before the Council were told about it, if indeed they were told about it. That might be about as miffed with AEG as they dare to sound. Well perhaps miffed enough so as to get them to lay on free drinks in the Council's Executive Suite?

From AEGs point of view there might have been a fair few extra punters at the O2 wondering around with nothing to do after a cancelled gig, except spend money in the bars, restaurants or cinema....

So will the Council keep on accepting the scraps that AEG/The O2 throw them and making it sound like we're getting a great deal or might this mark a change in the relationship?

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