Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sainsburys closing for a while

The Sainsburys store in the Millennium Retail park is closing soon, in fact if I read the sign right I think that today was it's last day. I think that it's closing for about two weeks. I did get a leaflet about it but I think I filed it with my recycling.

The store's being refurbished with a new bakery, amongst other things, being added to it. Again the leaflet had all the information but I can't find it...

Basically I can't shop there for a couple of weeks. So what's an average Sainsburys shopper to do? Well logic would say that I should go to ASDA, it is after all actually closer to me. However for some reason I've never liked ASDA, what they sell just doesn't seem as good. I do know that in the end one's Supermaket preferences are really pretty arbitrary and that they're all much of a muchness. So in the end I know I'll be fine.

I will be looking forward to it reopening though, oh yes.

One thing that does appear to have gone from the store already are the recycling facilities. My blue bins already full up (three households, one bin) with a week to go before it's collected. I get in the habit of taking my extra stuff shopping with me and popping it into the bins at Sainsburys, plus they had a bin for recycling juice cartons of which I produce a lot.

Left with a few bags I headed up the hill to the recycling bins that I knew were in the village. However they don't have the one for taking the juice cartons, which is a shame.

If I'd remembered by own posts I'd have recalled that ASDA does have a juice carton bin. So it looks like ASDA will be my best bet for the next couple of weeks.

I do hope all the bins return to Sainsburys though. Once the recycling collection shifts to weekly I won't need to take my regular recycling down there but I will still need to dispose of those waxed cartons.

Oh and on the subject of recycling someone has been popped bags of it into the normal green bin. Odds on it being one of my neighbours who seeing the blue bin full couldn't be bothered to take it somewhere else and just binned it, which is kind of a shame. Again that'll be fixed by weekly blue bin collection so it'll be over soon.

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