Thursday, November 22, 2007

Win tickets to see Led Zep, well if you hear about it anyway...

The Council are running a competition to win tickets to see the Led Zeppelin show at the O2 from their (our?) corporate box.

So how did I discover this piece of hot news?

Perhaps the Time newspaper? No.

Or I'm on the Council's E-Alert email list that gives all the latest news, maybe through that? No.

I found out about it from a comment made to a post on the excellent Greenwich Watch web site.

Details of the competition can be found here.

I should point out that there is a link to the competition from the Council's Home Page, how many people check that often though? You'd have thought that this is exactly the sort of thing for which the e-mail alert system was made for. Maybe it's just too busy offering scraps from the O2 to deal with this sort of thing.

Anyway five pairs of tickets are on offer. How many seats does the box have? I wonder who else will be going...

1 comment:

Nigel said...

I must take issue with your description of Greenwich Watch website as 'excellent'.
It is good to see that they have 'apparently' stopped censoring all dissent and evidence of their wrongdoing on their comments page. However it is still a one dimensional rant that mistakenly believes spreading malicious, petty and outrageously partisan gossip and sniping amounts to a noble and considered crusade against injustice.
I had thought better of you Charlton.