Friday, November 02, 2007

Blackheath Fireworks Tomorrow!

Well it's that time of year and there's the big firework show up at Blackheath tomorrow night at 8pm.

If you've never been before then let me just say that it's a really good show. I've been to a fair few shows over the years and this one is one of the best, it's also free!

I know that I knock Greenwich Council a fair bit but they, along with Lewisham Council, deserve a big pat on the back for putting the show on.

Here are the links to the two Councils' pages about the show:

Lewisham have by far the better page, a fair bit more information and a mention of the company, Festival Fireworks, who are helping put the show on.

Not content with having a lazy minimal page Greenwich Council seem to rise to the occasion and also squeeze in some some ineptitude too.

The map link they provide is this.

As far as I can recall the show centres around here, about half a mile to the east.

Let's face it, it's a stonkingly big fireworks show, half a mile isn't a lot. However I don't think it would have taken much effort to get the map right.

Edited to Add:An anonymous poster has said that the organisers are advising people to get there for 7.30 for the "warm up". Not sure quite what they will be but it's sound advice and I'll be heading up there a bit earlier than I would otherwise have done.


Anonymous said...

Note people are advised to get there from 7.30 for the warm-up, which does include safety announcements.

I know because some websites said 7.30 and others 8 for the start, which was confusing, so I rang up. Brownie points to the festival organisers, who picked up the phone at ten to 9 in the morning!

Anonymous said...

Why does the fact Lewisham's website mentions the name of the contractor who is being paid to put on the fireworks add any value to their web content?

Charlton Average said...

It may not add "value" but it does make you think that some deal was struck and the fireworks were got on the cheap and that giving some credit was a part of that.