Thursday, January 10, 2008

Barrier Animal Care Clinic

A while ago I asked a few friends if they knew any local vets, the Barrier Animal Health Clinic was brought up. It's just around the corner from me and was personally recommended so I thought I'd give it a go.

I've now been there a few times for various minor things and so far I'm very pleased with it.

The staff, both on reception and the vets themselves, seem very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I've seen my pet handled well and with affection not just on the first visit but on subsequent ones when the need to impress isn't so great.

When I've phoned them to discuss something they've seemed happy to talk things through with me and when they've said they would call me about something they have done.

To be honest there's not a great deal else I can say about them without going into a whole lot of detail. Suffice to say I'm very impressed with them, of the three vets I've had to use in my life they're up with the best.

As a bit of history the clinic is based in an old pub, it used to be called the "Lads of the Village" and then the "Thames Barrier Arms" when the Barrier opened. The clinic's been open since 1997 so it's reasonably well established too.

So anyway a big thumbs up from me and they've got my continuing custom.

The Details
Barrier Animal Care Clinic
32 Hardens Manor Way
Eastmoor Place
Tel: 020 8293 6580


Anonymous said...

The telephone number is 020 8293 6580 not the number shown which is a fax machine

Charlton Average said...

Thanks for that, I've updated the post.