Thursday, January 24, 2008

Photos of my street

Well it's no surprise to say that the rubbish still hasn't been collected from Floyd Road. I'm glad that it's not summer, it really would smell around here if it were.

As I was walking up the road today I took some pictures of how it currently looks. There's also a lot of black bags out when they shouldn't be, black bag day isn't until next Monday. I didn't take photos of them because they're really the fault of people not reading the leaflets they were sent with the dates. The uncollected rubbish is squarely the fault of the council though.

The photos have also been emailed to the News Shopper and Cleansweep.

News Shopper have already picked up on the story, you can read about it here.

A nappy sack

A big pile of rubbish bags, the red ones are labelled "commercial waste"

A Christmas Tree and another nappy bag.

Another Christmas Tree

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Nat@London Calling said...

I wondered after reading your recent posts regarding rubbish collection what would happen yesterday when our new collection started on the new day.

I arrived home from work at half past four to see the bins still out front. We waited a while and then took in the food bins which hadn't been emptied. I told my other half about the problems you'd reported and we figured the bins were not going to be emptied. However it was gone five when we noticed flashing orange lights through our front door. There was the refuse cart coming up the street emptying the food bins. The operatives all had torches and were checking inside each bin too! We rushed to put our bin back in the street to get emptied.