Saturday, January 19, 2008

The new rubbish system is underway...

So the new rubbish collection system is underway, the green bin is now for food and other compostable waste.

We've had a little green caddy for the kitchen delivered along with some bigger cornstarch bags that can go into the green bin. I've been out and about a lot this week but even considering that I'm surprised at how much green waste we're generating. I'm glad that it's now not just going to go into landfill.

The Council are selling a number of "bag solutions" if you're interested, you can find out about them here:

I do wonder how strict the council are going to be about what goes into the green bin. True enough there are big stickers on them saying that they're for green waste now but will everyone realise that you can't just bag it up in a plastic bag. Surprisingly I do think that the Council have made a reasonable effort to let people know all about that. I've had a number of leaflets and addressed letters, but still some people are stupid and/or selfish.

Another slight concern is what football fans will pop into the bin on their way to a match. We don't have enough room to get our bins off of the street. Will we have to fish burger packaging out of it?

So I do feel some uncertainty about this new system. I'm very much in support of it though and I'm very much looking forward to having the recycling taken weekly, we're producing an awful lot of it as we really crack down upon what we do with our waste.

Let's see how this goes...

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