Monday, January 28, 2008

2nd Week of the new rubbish (non) collection scheme

Well it's half nine and neither the blue or the green bins have so far been emptied. That means that food waste has now been rotting in those bins for nearly two weeks.

A black sack of non-recyclable/non-green waste that I put out last night has vanished, but there are still other black sacks along the street so I've got no idea what happened with that one.

So will the rubbish actually be taken? Are they not collecting the recycling this week either (it's usually taken early in the morning)?

I don't have high hopes, it would be so easy for the Council to impress me but we'll see what happens...

11:40 Edited to add: The recycling bins were collected a short while ago, I don't think the green bins have been emptied yet.

12:00 Edited to add: I've been nosing around the Council's web site to see if there might be an apology for missing a collection last week (unfortunately no there isn't) or any attempts to boast about how well it all went (thankfully no there isn't). yWhat I did find was a page that gives the collection times:
  • blue-top bins from 6am to 12 noon
  • green-top bins from 12 noon to 8pm
  • black bags in the afternoon and evening.

So they might be running to schedule after all, though my dissapearing black bag is mystery!

13:40 Edited to add: Well they've actually been around and taken the green rubbish! That included the Christmas trees! There's a lot of rubbish in the street though, most of which appears to be recycling stuff for some reason. However this is a massive improvement on last week!

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