Monday, January 21, 2008

First bin collection under the new scheme

Well today's the first collection under the new bin scheme. I've seen the big "rubbish" lorry come and collect the recycling, which is good. I've not seen if the green bins have been emptied yet, I'll check later as that's the stinky waste that I want to make sure is being taken.

One thing I did notice this morning was that a number of people have put black sacks out. Around here the collection scheme is "Yellow Monday" which means that they're not due to be collected until next week. Still as things go that's a minor hiccup and people will learn from it.

Greenwich Watch have posted quite a negative take on this new scheme, you can read it here.

I'm a huge fan of Greenwich Watch but I do think they're wrong on this issue. If people do what they're meant to do then I don't think this new scheme is going to be a big issue. In particular there shouldn't be much waste in the black sacks, that will be out on the streets, that will appeal to foxes. Well I think it wouldn't appeal to foxes. I guess we'll find out next week when everyone should have their black sacks out.

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