Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Food waste in Wellington Avenue

JP sent me an email and some photos about what's been going on in Wellington Gardens.

Sorry to hear you are leaving the area. I have thouroughly enjoyed reading your great blog.

Its not quite as bad as the mess that has been left on your road recently but I just thought I'd sent you some pictures of what the binmen left on Wellington Gardens today.

I had been out to ask them what they were collecting and apparently it was contamminated waste which I think is where plastic bags have been put in with food.

After I spoke to them they carried on down the street and I watched as one of the wheelie bins fell of the truck as it was being lifted. The food waste fell on to the street.

They did not have a dustpan and brush to clear it up but instead turned the wheelie on its side and scooped some of the food into it before carrying on with their collections

As you can see they didn't do a very good job.

Looks lovely...

The binmen had an accident, put some effort into clearing it up and then, having seen what we can see in the photos, thought "that'll do" and left it. I'm sure the reseidents disagree.

I have noticed a marked increase in the mess left in my road after the binmen have been. In fairness to them I suspect they're being run ragged at the moment trying to cope with the new scheme. However in fairness to us residents it's our streets that end up strewn with rubbish.

It sounds like JPs collection wasn't a normal "green, blue, black" collection but a special one to deal with what the binmen called "contaminated waste."

Well they didn't bother coming around the corner to Floyd Road. The rubbish in the street might have gone but the bins are now entering their third week of festering (read about them here). It smells increasingly bad as you pass them now, it's a wonder there's not a rat's nest in there. It's going to be so pleasant come summer if they don't get this all sorted out soon.

I did see a yellow lorry taking some bags of what seemed to be commercial rubbish away but cleaning up the rotting bins couldn't have been their responsibility.

Anyhow thank you very much for the email JP, although it's not nice for you there's some benefit from feeling like we're all in this together.

Oh and while it's looking very likely that my Charlton days are numbered I'm really not sure what the number is, I might be here for quite a while yet.

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