Saturday, February 02, 2008

Rubbish in Floyd Road

The top of Floyd Road is in a bit of a state at the moment. Outside one of the houses are two bins which blatantly have the wrong stuff in them. There's food in the blue bin and loads of plastic bags in the green one. Understandably the bin men haven't taken them. So what's going to happen to them? Will they just be left to rot?

Making it worse is the pile of rubbish on the pavement next to the bins. Black bags, cardboard boxes, pieces of carpet and even a TV. One of the boxes is addresses to the house with the bins outside. What an idiot. Not only does he not ignore the blue bin and the big "green waste only, no plastic" sticker on the green bin but he dumps stuff in the street that has his name and address on.

Now as I think I've said I'm a big supporter of the new rubbish and recycling scheme however it's selfish idiots like him that will spoil it for everyone. It's really not that much work to get things into the right bin. This guy clearly doesn't care and worse is prepared to spoil the street for everyone else.

This has been reported to Clean Sweep, hopefully they'll deal with it.

On a slightly bigger note I'm beginning to see and end to my time in Charlton. There's many reasons behind it, the key one is just the desire for somewhere a bit bigger without a crippling mortgage. However I've got to be honest and say that the selfish and stupid nature of some of the people around here who let the street get into such a mess with rubbish and dog mess is grinding me down.

I do my bit to try and keep everything tidy and let the Council know when there's a problem so they'll clean it up. However they don't seem to be trying to stop it from happening so it just goes on.

Will they actually contact the idiot dumping his rubbish in the street or will they simply not be bothered?

Ho and indeed hum.

Anyhow here's some photos of what's been left for us.

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