Monday, February 18, 2008

...oh, and it's bin day again.

The recycling's been taken and I think the nappy bags have been too, the green bins are still full though. I said the same thing at about the same time last week and the green bins were taken, so I'm pretty sure that they will be this week as well.

Doesn't it say a lot about the Council though that what should be one of the solid staples of city life, refuse collection, seems to be so hit and miss as to be worth comment and thought?


Paul Webbewood said...

I'm told that the green rubbish will always be collected in the afternoon as the "green crews" don't start wotk until 12 noon. It's so the Council can get maximum use out of its vehicles.

Barbara said...

I was in Eltham yesterday afternoon, they were collecting the green bins & had a young lady with the obligatory clip board checking the contents of the bins nice!

Charlton Average said...

The Green bins were taken, which was great.

I hope that the clip board does mean that they're beginning to take action on the bins that have the wrong rubbish in them.

The bins are the top of my road are still there rotting away nearly after nearly a month.

I'm not alone with that either, other local friends are reporting the same problem.

The Council has got to tackle this before it heats up...